City Council Rent Forgiveness Proposal

On Wednesday, June 3rd, City of Ithaca Common Council and the Mayor, requested from New York State Department of Health that they grant the mayor the power to forgive three months worth of rent: the months of May, June and July. They also are requesting that the mayor have the authority to enforce landlords to offer lease extensions to any tenant who was affected by COVID-19, the opportunity to renew their lease at the same rate of rent. 

While the vote between council members on the resolution were close, we still need to take a stand and voice our concerns with their proposals; especially forgiving any amount of rent. This is just the start in making our voices heard, but let our City Council Members & Mayor know that we are here, we are listening, and we cannot afford to let them take over our properties. 

The LATC asks its members to sign this Take Action petition, which will be sent to the appropriate local governmental representatives. 

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There are concerns surrounding the proposed Collegetown Innovation District Project.
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