Our goal has been to create a forum for the exchange of ideas pertaining to financial strategies, tenant relations, business management, building maintenance and to keep our members updated on local and national laws, requirements, and concerns related to rental housing. We provide leadership in our area of business and work with local governments on housing related issues, advocating for reasonable regulations.

We especially encourage new and smaller landlords to Join the LATC. Our experienced landlords willingly share advice and information. Whether you are new to "the game" or a seasoned rental professional, joining a professional organization related to your career or investment hobby like the LATC can prove to be an excellent tool for the success of your  business venture. For any rental property owner or property manager, joining a rental housing association allows you to find the answers to your legal questions, meet a network of rental professionals, enhance your rental experience and offer you valuable resources. Through the many LATC meetings and events, members can enjoy the opportunity to network and build relationships with associates and peers in a way that allows members to enhance and protect their investments

In an effort to promote a better and safer community we have created a Code of Ethics that our members agree to follow.


The LATC meets monthly and offers programs and speakers on all aspects of our business. Our Board of Directors also meets for a monthly luncheon to discuss timely issues, choose guest speakers and to keep current on local affairs. Our members receive a monthly mailing of the minutes of the last meeting as well as a more in-depth Newsletter that is published quarterly.

Our meetings are held in the Borg Warner room of the Tompkins County Public Library @ 4:30 on the fourth Monday of each month from September through May with the exception of December.


Each spring we also make a donation to a worthy local cause. Recently we have voted to support fire safety and over two years have donated funds to all of the Volunteer Fire Departments in the County as well as the City of Ithaca Fire Department. In conjunction with this we donated more funds, and board member Brian Grout volunteered and built a mock-up dorm room for demonstrations, which we donated to the local fire departments. With so many student-based housing apartments and for the benefit of our other tenants in the area, this mock-up room is set on fire to demonstrate the danger of just how fast a fire grows.



President- Brian McIlroy

Vice President- Brian Grout

Treasurer- Ron Schmitt

Secretary- Kayla Clark

Corresponding Secretary- Brian McIlroy


Carol Schmitt

Russ Maines ​

David Gersh

Gini Vidal

Rick Huber

Jim Lane

Grace Petrisin

Ithaca NY and Tompkins County

PO Box 337 Ithaca, NY 14851

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