January 27th Meeting-

January 27, 2020 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

If you are thinking of selling property and are concerned about Capital Gains Tax a 1031 Like Kind Exchange could be the answer. Jack Little will explain and help guide you through the process. This will be an excellent half hour of good information that will help in your decision making whether you own one rental property or many.


Many of our tenants will soon be returning from Holiday's to there Ithaca apartments. Many will have traveled to foreign countries and stayed in motels and purchased new clothing from abroad. Some of these tenants will have come in contact with bed bugs. Mr. Clapper will give a short presentation in to the economic and health risks of bed bugs and discuss a chemical free alternative to bed bug remediation through heat treating.


Feeling like you're in the dark regarding the new Tenant Landlord Laws?  join the club. This is a must attend meeting Russ Maines a local Attorney specializing in Landlord/ Tenant issues will try too make sense of the new laws for our members. There are a lot of changes to the current laws so don't miss out on some great information that could possibly save you some time in court and money.


These two speakers will draw a crowd so come early and get a seat.