Feburary 24th Meeting

February 24, 2020 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

NFA evaluates existing insurance policies in order to determine what coverage may be applicable to a claim as well as business interuption losses and extra expense claims for businesses. Determine values for setting covered damages and much more, I think we can agree that insurance as much as we hate to pay the premiums is a must have in any business. This is an important presentation that can save you thousands if you have a loss.

The LATC Sponsorship Committee is proud to announce Sean Iddings as a new Premium Sponsor, Sean's company the Immersionfactory is a local based internet marketing firm he will talk about how to get your listings to stand out, save time in showings and improve occupancy rates.

,Jay Franklin the Director of Tompkins County Department of Assessment recently received the Harry Dunks Memorial Award, his department is responsible for assessing all real property within Tompkins County at a uniform percentage of fair market value. I'm sure this is of much importance to all of us because it ultimately affects our bottom line since property taxes are about 20% of our gross rental income. At this meeting you can learn how you can insure that your rental property assessment records are accurate and if they are not how you can appeal to the assessment department to potentialy save money on your tax burden. The Tompkins County Department of Assessment is highly respected throughout New York State which we should be respectful of so if you have specific concerns please contact them directly they are always available to meet and address any questions in a private setting at the Assessment office located at 128 East Buffalo St.. As always it is requested that questions are held to the end of the presentation.

Brian Mclroy is our LATC President and an accomplished professional Accountant, he has offered as a courtesy to our members to give a forty five minute workshop regarding Bookkeeping tips and how to report various other types of income other than wages, salaries and tips using the IRS form 1099. Brian works for multiple municipalities throughout the twin tiers so his experience and know how can be of great value to all of us because no one wants the IRS knocking on there door. 

Come and join us for another great and informative meeting, sign in early and get a good seat mingle a little with other members, grab a complimentary beverage at the table to the right as you walk in to the meeting room where you'll find ice water, hot tea and coffee.