March 23rd Meeting

March 23, 2020 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Sherwin Williams always has some great products to show us that can help  keep our properties looking good for quicker turnovers. They have been a premium sponser for a number of years and are always available to answer any questions or give advice.  Sherwin Williams also offers great discounts to all our members.

Taking someone too court or being involved in a small claims litigation is not a fun situation it is time consuming and stressful no matter if you think you are in the right, if your lease agreement is not properly written or you have violated someone's rights you could lose the case. Rick Wallace one of two City Court Judges will have suggestions on how to stay out of Small Claims Court in the first place. There will also be discussion on the new Landlord/Tenant Law there has'nt been much precedence set for this law since it is still fairly new so this will be an interesting discussion from a judges prospective who will be the ultimate interpreter of this law. 

Another headache involving rental property is pets, even with a no pet policy in your lease you may be required by law too allow one. Service animal or Companion animal how do we know the difference? What kind of documentation can we ask for? Can we as landlords deny either one and under what circumstances? Very confusing, but get it wrong and you could end up in a possible lawsuit. Jim Boudreau the Executive Director of our local SPCA will offer some perspective.

County Legislative matters discussed by Rich John there will be questions and answers on the current County legislation.