February 22nd General Meeting (Virtual)

February 22, 2021 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Jay Franklin the Director of Tompkins County Department of Assessment, his department is responsible for assessing all real property within Tompkins County at a uniform percentage of fair market value. This is of much importance to all of us because it ultimately affects our bottom line since property taxes are about 20% of our gross rental income. At this meeting you can learn how to insure that your rental property assessment records are accurate and if they are not how you can appeal to the Assessment Department to potentially save money on your tax burden. The Tompkins County Department of Assessment is highly respected throughout New York State which we should be respectful of. The Assessment office is located at 128 East Buffalo Street for specific concerns please make an appointment.


Jamie Cain from Under One Roof will be presenting about the mission of the Under One Roof organization, what they are currently working on and Jamie can answer any questions about landlording, evictions etc., there will be a power point presentation as well.