The LATC is an organization that is partially supported by many local and national businesses. There is an LATC committee called the Sponsorship Committee that is comprised of your fellow members Kayla Clark and Brian Grout. Each year, a group of these businesses are discussed and reviewed by the Sponsorship Committee. The committee suggestions are then proposed to the LATC Board of Directors. If the Board accepts the recommendation, one of the two committee members approaches the business to invite them to become an LATC Sponsor.

There are three Sponsorship levels: Supporting Sponsor, Premium Sponsor, and Platinum Sponsor. If the businesses accept the invitation, they make a monetary donation and these funds are used to promote that Sponsor and assist in the overall fiscal operation of our organization. When possible, only one Sponsor is proposed for a unique or particular business type. For example, the committee would not suggest having both Home Depot and Lowe's as Sponsors in the same year. Similarly, the current list of Sponsors includes one insurance company, one carpet and flooring company, one roofing contractor, etc.,

These select companies offer products and services that we as real estate property owners and managers often use in the day to day operations of our business. These companies were offered the opportunity to be an LATC Sponsor because they have been used by many of our Board and general members, have an established history of doing business in our area and possess high business standards and ethics.

When looking for a particular product or contractor, it is highly suggested that members consider our Sponsors in your search. We are fortunate to have many reputable retailers, contractors and businesses with high business standards and ethics to choose from in our area, they aren’t all Sponsors of the LATC.  When members work with our Sponsors, be sure to let them know that you are a member of the LATC ! Many of these businesses offer LATC members-only product and services discounts. To receive discounts, you need to be a current and paid member and show them your LATC membership ID card.

To enquire about sponsorship email sponsors@landlordsassociation.com

Platinum Sponsors

Premium Sponsors

Supporting Sponsors

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