The property owners and managers of the Landlords Association of Tompkins County pledge themselves to honor the following Code of Ethics:

  1. We will act fairly and reasonably in our dealings with tenants, and treat tenants with honesty and dignity.
  2. We will strive to provide our tenants with safe, clean and functional housing, and will adhere to all safety related codes.
  3. We will stringently practice fair housing policies as provided by law.
  4. We will respond promptly to tenant requests for service and assistance. 
  5. We will strive to keep ourselves informed of and abide by applicable laws and regulations. 
  6. We will be responsible, and encourage our tenants to be responsible, to our properties' neighbors. We will strive to maintain our properties so they contribute to the neighborhoods in which they are located.
  7. We will act fairly in all matters regarding security deposits; make only those deductions which are fair; and return security deposits as promptly as possible. 
  8. We will work to serve the community in which we live and do business.